Beiersdorf China

As one of the Top 10 cosmetic manufacturers in the world, Beiersdorf Group was founded by a German pharmacist Paul C. Beiersdorf in 1882. Over its course of 131 years, Beiersdorf Group has built trustworthy and reliable brands with highest quality standard and become the global market leader in beauty and skin care. China has always been the key strategic region in BDF, which is under a unified leadership team and consists two Business Units in China, i.e., skin care business mainly of NIVEA and Eucerin and hair care business mainly of Slek and Maestro.
Dating back to 1937, NIVEA entered Chinese market under the Chinese translated brand name ‘Neng Wei-ya’ (whereas today it is translated into ‘Ni Wei-ya’) with extreme popularity at Shanghai in particular. Sticking to the scientific and rigorous working spirit of enterprise, NIVEA has been the most approachable and adorable brand for consumers over decades. The other brand under skin care Eucerin, has also won strong recognition of Chinese consumers for its unwavering commitment to ‘focusing on dermatology studies’. Meanwhile, hair care and styling brands of Slek and Maestro have become household names in china since their launch to the market in early 1990s, which have boasted high reliability, loyalty and leading market share for many years.  

BDF China has been committed to strengthening planning and construction of two Business Units in Shanghai and Wuhan under one leadership team. Marketing Department of BDF China is located within the skin care base in Shanghai to stay closer to China’s leading media and creativeness agencies, suppliers and marketing talent pool in order to build the competitiveness center. Parallelly, Wuhan, the location of hair care base, is also a key operation center, which accommodates BDF Group’s supply chain hub in China and the growing regional R&D center, gearing to introduce a series of innovative products and enhance sales network. On top of that, the Sales Department under one unified sales team will be empowered with stronger market penetrating and sales expanding. 

With the bedrock belief of success being based on talents and brands, BDF China has spared no efforts in expanding brand building and market exploration, while striving to build a stronger team by attracting and identifying top notch talents. Under the guiding corporate culture of openness and respect and guidance of unified leadership, BDF China will render employees a whole package of enriched training, competitive salary, and aspiring career development opportunities, and other welfare, together with a broad platform for employee growth and development. It is worth mentioning that BDF China team has also presented numerous opportunities for cross-departmental or cross-functional learning to unfold the holistic organization chart and procedure flow in the interests of employees. In the future, Beiersdorf China will, with its unyielding pursuit for beauty and strong support from global resource and technology of BDF Group, speed up the domestic market expansion and team building in Shanghai and Wuhan bases, in order to provide Chinese consumers with more and better products and become the most influential personal care manufacturers with leading market share in China.